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1. What are dried flowers?

Dry flowers are flowers that have been dried naturally and are therefore extra durable. They are incredibly trendy these days and, like fresh flowers, come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

2. How are flowers dried?

Not all flowers are equally suitable for drying: Hard or firm flowers and crops are most suitable for drying.

To dry flowers naturally, they are hung upside down in a dry and dark place. The bouquet takes about a month to dry. It is best to let flowers dry after 2-3 days already, to avoid that the flowers have already been at their peak. Another and old way to dry flowers is to put them between heavy books.

Also nice to know, many flowers also retain their fragrance once dried. Besides rose, lavender or laurel continue to smell very nice. For example, you can tie the loose stems together with string and hang them somewhere.

3. How long can I keep dried flowers?

A major advantage of dried flowers is their durability. Unlike fresh bouquets that you can often only keep for a week or a few weeks, you can keep dried flowers, depending on the variety, for a year on average and dried branches and leaves for up to 3 years.

4. How should I care for dried flowers? Should I water them?

  • Do not water dried flowers. Unlike regular flowers, dried flowers should have no water.
  • Dried flowers are best not put in direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause discoloration.
  • Dry flowers do not like moisture. So a bunch of dried flowers in the bathroom is not a good idea.
  • Handle your dried flowers with care. Dry flowers are more fragile than regular flowers. When you want to arrange a bouquet, work from the stems. If you grab dried flowers at the top, there is a good chance that the dried flower will break off.

5. Are the bouquets and wreaths handmade?

Yes, all our bouquets, wreaths and other creations are handmade by us with a lot of love and passion.

6. Can I have dried bouquets and wreaths made to order? How do I do this best?

Yes, this is certainly possible. Stop by our store, call us at 0483 81 87 05 or send us a message via the contact form with what you have in mind.

7. Can I also contact Wildflowers for events such as weddings, communion parties, funeral arrangements?

This is certainly possible, whether with fresh flowers or dried flowers. Stop by our store, call us at 0483 81 87 05 or send us a message through the contact form to further discuss how we can best serve you.

8. Can dried flowers be shipped to all of Belgium?

Yes, we currently ship our dried flowers and gems on throughout Belgium. We use special boxes for this purpose so that the flowers are not damaged during delivery.

9. What is the delivery time?

We currently maintain a delivery time of approximately 5-7 business days.

Is your order urgent? Please send an email and we will take this into consideration!

10. What payment options are available in the web shop?

The following payment options are currently available in our webshop:

    • Maestro
    • Bank contact
    • Debit Card/Credit Card
    • VISA
    • American Express
    • Ideal

11. Can I return dried flowers or jewelry if they have arrived damaged?

You can do this, of course. Please send a picture of the damaged product to info@wildflowers.be, and then you may return the product within 2 calendar days and we will make sure that the full amount is returned to your account as soon as possible.

12. Can I order a gift certificate from Wildflowers?

This is certainly possible. You can order these in the store or via email. You can choose the amount.

We can send the gift certificate by mail, or it can be picked up at our stores in Mechelen or Kampenhout


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